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Spiritual heritage and luxury in one purchase decision

27 Jan 2024 | People & Culture, Pure Nature

We as the DARIA GROUP have a lot in common with the Native Americans. 

Perhaps you don't directly associate us with the values of Indians. Especially at first contact on social media or online, we can hardly put the complexity of our vision into 5 sentences. That's why we're taking you into our world of thought today and taking a brief detour into history.


Unimportant real estate agents are a dime a dozen

There are many real estate agents in Florida. As a German company, you don't have a unique selling point. Many focus on customers from Germany. Germans love Florida for its cosmopolitanism, the many leisure activities and the fantastic weather. 

However, if you take a closer look at our concept, you will quickly realize that we are very different from other providers. We don't just build and sell houses, we offer people - like you and me - the opportunity to buy shares in a villa. Few people can afford to buy an entire villa abroad. But everyone wants a bit of luxury and a fantastic lifestyle. We understand that and that's why you can become a real estate co-owner with us. 


The decisive difference

This step is significant. It's not just a ticket to a few weeks of sun and luxury a year. Moving to Florida offers you a great new network of movers and shakers who want to make a difference in the world. You will get to know a mindset that, in conjunction with the DARIA GROUP, will set you up to become financially independent in the long term. 

The co-ownership model is at the heart of our entrepreneurial activities. It shows who we are. We want to build a community that supports each other. An association of people who know that you can only be as well off as your immediate surroundings are. 

This approach implies a deep understanding of a happy life and a supportive work environment in a community of people who share the same values. A place, a spiritual home, where great things can grow, simply because the support of others makes you strong and opportunities come to the fore. 


The wild man - a lesson in courage and endurance

This spirit is ancient. It begins with the Indians. More precisely: with the Seminoles. "Seminole" - a word that means "wild man" and has its roots in the Spanish "cimarron". The Seminoles bear this name with pride, as it is a reminder of their courageous escape from slavery in the British colonies. An escape to their new home in Florida.

They were once "Creeks", part of the diverse Muskogee tribe, in which different indigenous cultures came together. But their history is characterized by struggle and determination. In the swampy Everglades, they defended their land tooth and nail to achieve the prosperity they enjoy today.

The Seminoles are more than just a tribe. They are a living testament to resistance and survival, to the ability to adapt and thrive despite adversity. Their story is a lesson in courage and perseverance that can inspire us all.


A look back

The Seminoles originally lived in Georgia. There they had to flee from the immigrants at the beginning of the 19th century. The newcomers from Europe had declared war on the indigenous people. The tribes in this region were chased along the famous Trail of Tears to Oklahoma. But the Seminoles would not stand for it. They fled. Most of them to the south of Florida. 

When they arrived in Florida, they found themselves under the supervision of the Spanish. They had no desire to return the Indian slaves to the British. Wars and diseases introduced by the Spaniards decimated the native population from around 100,000 to a mere 50. But the survivors did not give up. They hunted skillfully and gathered fruit, nuts and berries. They developed into master farmers, cultivating maize, sugar cane, bananas and guavas. They brewed healing juices with indigenous herbs. They successfully bred horses and cattle. Their story is one of survival and adaptability.

1812, a year that the Seminoles will never forget. News reached them of an imminent attack by Georgians on their tribe. They reacted and attacked the attackers on their plantations. But this action caused unrest in the government and provoked a counterattack by American troops.

The attacks left a trail of devastation in the villages and settlements of the Seminoles. Of the 337 brave men and women who faced the threat, only 31 survived this devastating incident. Most of them fell back into the cruel hands of slavery.


A story full of change and new beginnings

But that was not all. In 1819, Spain ceded Florida to the United States. The new owners had big plans for this fertile land. A new chapter in the history of the Seminoles began, characterized by loss and change.

Imagine yourself in the middle of America, surrounded by the wildness of nature and the ruthlessness of politics. The proud Seminoles are at the center of this drama. They refuse to leave their homeland, defying the Indian Removal Act that seeks to force them to relocate east of the Mississippi to Arkansas and Oklahoma. They are the only ones to successfully resist.


Giving up is not an option

Wars break out, claiming victims on both sides. But the Seminoles do not give up. They fight with tireless determination. Their resistance costs the United States 20 million dollars and 1500 men's lives. But in the end, the Seminoles win. They bring the wars to a successful end.

Some of them retreat into the depths of the Everglades, surviving in seclusion. They are the silent witnesses of a time when an entire people rose up against oppression and triumphed. They are the living memory of the indomitable spirit of the Seminoles.

They were prepared to pay with their lives for their freedom. They were hunted and persecuted. Many died, but the tribe never gave up. It was clear to them: we will never live the way others want us to. We decide for ourselves how we want to live our lives. 

In 1887, a new law came into force that allocated each Indian 160 acres - about 65 hectares - of their own land. The rest? Sold to whites.

The irony? These Native Americans, who inhabited the land long before the whites, were only granted American citizenship during the First World War. But over time, improvements came. New laws brought financial loans, medical assistance and educational opportunities. They were given the freedom to practice their religion. And above all, their culture, their most important asset, was recognized and promoted.

Today, the Seminole tribe consists of eight clans with around 3,000 members. They continue to live in Florida and have enjoyed their independence there since 1962.


The economic upturn

Its economy has experienced an impressive boom, driven by the sale of duty-free tobacco, tourism and gambling. A highlight of this growth was the purchase of the Hard Rock Cafe restaurant chain in 2006, a deal that cost them 965 million US dollars.

The Seminoles and their neighbors, the Miccosukee Indians, are at the forefront of the most productive Native American-run businesses. Their success story is a shining example of how a community can use its independence to thrive economically.

The example of the Seminoles shows how a community preserves its identity and strengthens its culture despite great challenges. It is a story that touches us all and reminds us how important it is to honor and protect our roots.


Freedom and economic independence

Freedom is also a high value for us at DARIA. We want to help our customers achieve financial independence. We love to surround ourselves with people who do not act out of compulsion, but from their heart. 

Another aspect that characterizes the Seminoles is their sense of community. They function as a community. They are extremely successful economically and are therefore able to provide their tribal members with an unconditional basic income. 

We want to continue this spirit of freedom and community at DARIA. Together, with this attitude, we can create something great that brings joy and meaning to every single member. We embark on this journey every day. 


Author Rouven Zietz

Frank Rahlf

Co-Founder and Managing Member

He is a passionate trainer and entrepreneur. Thirty years ago, he made it his life's work to help people find their way to a happy and successful life, both personally and professionally. For him, success and happiness are two things that can only be achieved by investing in yourself, focusing your time and motivation on the right things and surrounding yourself with inspiring people.

He is interested in history and world events. Since his earliest youth, the history of the Indians in particular has had a special significance for him.


  1. Great presentation of the history of the Seminoles and a wonderful communication of values and goals and fighting spirit. Thank you for this great blog.

  2. Hello Frank, thank you very much for the interesting presentation of your vision of a community. I am happy and excited to become a small part of this community.
    Greetings from rainy Germany.


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