You dream of buying real estate in the USA / Florida?

Become a co-owner of a premium property in Cape Coral with us.

Sale, management and rental by DARIA: Dreams come easy!

You dream of buying real estate in the USA / Florida?

Become a co-owner of a premium property in Cape Coral with us.

Sale, management and rental by DARIA: Dreams come easy!

You dream of buying real estate in the USA / Florida?

Become a co-owner of a premium property in Cape Coral with us.

Sale, management and rental by DARIA: Dreams come easy!

You dream of buying real estate in the USA / Florida?

Become a co-owner of a premium property in Cape Coral with us.

Sale, management and rental by DARIA: Dreams come easy!

You dream of buying real estate in the USA / Florida?

Become a co-owner of a premium property in Cape Coral with us.

Sale, management and rental by DARIA: Dreams come easy!

You dream of buying real estate in the USA / Florida?

Become a co-owner of a premium property in Cape Coral with us.

Sale, management and rental by DARIA: Dreams come easy!

Why Florida, why Cape Coral?

Cape Coral in the Sunshine State Florida convinces due to its relaxed lifestyle, comparatively low language barriers, a large German community, high security.

Cape Coral is a small peninsula and cannot grow in area. So there are only limited plots of land, which makes the location attractive.

Here you can really find everything your heart desires: breathtaking nature, incredible wildlife, relaxed golfing under the Florida sun and for boaters the Gulf of Mexico is a paradise.

Cape Coral is known as the city of canals and is therefore also called the Venice of America.

It is not far to the Caribbean beach.

The Bahamas, Cuba and Mexico are within quick and easy reach. Also Miami is only 2 hours away and offers a wonderful beach with blue sea and first class restaurants.

In Orlando you will find fun for the whole family and the magic of Disney World. And if you just want peace and quiet, enjoy the ambiance and quiet moments in your premium villa in Cape Coral.

Why Co-Ownership with us?

"Our co-ownership model makes it possible to have a stake in a wonderful villa that you might not have been able to afford as a whole.
It convinces due to its low financial, organizational and legal entry hurdles. The purchase and thus your entry into a new lifestyle starts from 70,000 USD for 1/20 share of a premium villa with all-round carefree support.

Dreams Come easy!

We make the complex real estate acquisition in the US state of Florida as simple as possible for you, because we take care of all the formalities for you on site through established employees.
Our model combines an exclusive living and vacation approach with a very lucrative and high-yield real estate investment. With our attention to detail, we make dreams of home and life come true."

We look forward to seeing you!
Viktoria Rahlf, co-founder of Daria US Development LLC

The Premium Villa


Our project development plans a total of 10 exclusive premium villas in Cape Coral in the first construction phase. Here a completely new district will be created, embedded in dreamlike nature. All properties are located on the waterfront and enjoy heavenly tranquility in an exclusive residential ambience.

Generosity in the interior and exterior

Our premium LADY DARIA villas have 264 sqm of living space, 2 gorgeous master bedrooms overlooking the water, a guest suite and studio, 3 exclusive bathrooms, a stylish open kitchen and a spacious open plan living area that invites you directly onto the covered terrace via wide retractable windows.
Genieße den sonnendurchfluteten Wohnluxus innen und außen und entspanne in einem beheizten Infinity-Pool.

German Premium Real Estate | Pure Exclusivity

Without compromise, we use first-class materials to create an exclusive yet homely atmosphere. High ceilings, a spacious room concept and selected materials.
We combine American lifestyle with quality standards according to German standards. The construction is under German construction management. Also the interior design and furnishing gets exclusive furniture according to German quality with "Open Space" atmosphere.
Interior furnishings are supplied by high-quality, handpicked manufacturers such as Richmond, Hazenkamp, AKITO Outdoor Lounge.

Our premium real estate

The owner community and the Cape Coral Social Club

Our enthusiasm for the state of Florida and the local lifestyle began over 30 years ago. We would like to share this joy and enthusiasm with you.

In Florida you can build up a second mainstay through a co-ownership with our concept. You become co-owner of a premium villa in Cape Coral. There you can live and experience the US-Lifestyle for a certain time every year according to your acquired share. Thereby 1/20 share correspond to 2 weeks.

You don't have to worry about the garden, pool, house and everything else that comes up and you can sit back and relax.

You should enjoy your time there in real freedom and be able to develop yourself. At the same time, you will be part of a German community with which you can grow steadily, exchange ideas, perhaps also build up your US business or find cooperation partners among like-minded people.

Through co-ownership, as a wonderful added benefit, our members have free access to the exclusive Cape Coral Social Club, where we organize joint activities, build a great service offering, and also establish a German-American entrepreneurial community!

Perfect for people who are freedom-loving, successful and cosmopolitan, who value a high quality of life and want to spend part of the year under Florida's sun in a posh villa.


We were in Florida for the first time in January 2022 and had the impression that in many respects things are more relaxed there than in Central Europe. The climate is very pleasant, the people seem open and friendly. In addition, Florida has something to offer for every taste. Sports enthusiasts get their money's worth as well as nature lovers, golfers, shopping queens, Disney fans, sun worshippers, etc. We felt very comfortable in Cape Coral and will definitely come back. Investing here was one of the best decisions of our lives. We are happy to be part of the community and look forward to spending time together in Cape Coral. A true win-win situation!

Regina & Helmuth Lauring, Austria

"There are many factors that make Florida an attractive location. Personally, I am particularly attracted by the open mindset, the opportunity-oriented thinking and the sense of freedom of the local people. The Sunshine State delivers what the name promises. Coupled with the unique nature and sunny weather, one experiences a level of quality of life here that is hard to beat. It's all the better that we've created a community here where you can exchange ideas with like-minded people."

Timur Löser

We are excited about this great project and are looking forward to flying to Florida at the end of this year.

The euphoria that has already been transferred to us here by the positive and competent people will certainly increase on site!!!

It just feels good to be part of the project and we are looking forward to meet all the lovely people there ;)) "

Dirk, Katrin, Niklas & Ronja Müller


General information

What makes Daria US different from other providers?
As a project developer, Daria US Development LLC has focused exclusively on Cape Coral in southwest Florida and - in accordance with its slogan - builds according to German premium quality standards. For this purpose, we have assembled an extensive team of experts with many years of on-site experience. We are developing an exclusive new district in the north of Cape Coral with its own infrastructure. For this purpose, our real estate projects are embedded in the German-American Cape Coral Social Club, which provides extensive services to our co-owners and invests the generated surpluses in local social projects.
What is the difference between co-ownership and time-sharing?
The so-called co-ownership model involves real, full-fledged real estate ownership. With the timeshare model you only get a right of use without real ownership, usually for a residential unit in a resort. With our model, on the other hand, you become co-owner of a beautiful premium villa.
What is special about the co-ownership model with Daria US?
Each premium villa is divided into 20 equal co-ownership shares so that each co-ownership share represents 5% of the property and 14 days of owner occupancy per year. Furthermore, we have developed the concept that owner occupancy is limited to 40 weeks per year and the remaining 12 weeks are leased out to cover running costs. With this we want to achieve that you as a co-owner do not have to make annual additional payments for insurance, taxes and reserves.
Do I own real title to the property?
Yes - the Co-Ownership Model is real property ownership. You own your share of the property through a local owners' association, which was set up specifically for your property in the USA. Together with the other co-owners you are also connected in a local partnership, which organizes the external renting.
Can I buy several co-ownership shares?
Many customers acquire several shares. It is also possible to purchase an entire property. Some customers also plan to gradually acquire additional shares. Each co-owner also has the right of first refusal if other co-owners wish to sell their shares.
Do I participate in the increase in value of the property and land?
The value of your property develops in line with the local real estate market. It is of utmost importance to us that you, as a co-owner, have a good purchase price and thus benefit from rising market prices.
Is the property guaranteed to be rented if I can't use my co-ownership share for a period of time?
Primarily we try to organize a letting to your co-owners or our community members, because they naturally treat the objects particularly "affectionately". Furthermore, we have founded our own rental company, which - compared to local rental agencies - will rent out your time of use to external vacationers at a much lower cost. We can not guarantee a rental, but the rental statistics for comparable properties in Cape Coral show that a very high occupancy rate is given.
Who is responsible for the maintenance of the house and garden?

Our property management takes care of all aspects of your villa. Whether local cleaning, pool or garden services. Also maintenance and repairs on the property will be done for you.

Are there ongoing costs and are reserves set aside?

All running costs and reserves are to be covered by renting your property externally for 12 weeks a year. This way we want to make sure that no sudden and unexpected additional costs will come up in the future. You only pay the usual and variable costs during your stay (electricity, water etc.).

Do I have to use the house myself or can friends and family also use the house?

As a co-owner, you can decide independently for your period of use how and with whom you want to use the villa - regardless of whether you are present yourself.

Who will furnish the house and take care of the interior decoration?

Our interior designers will furnish your villa according to the highest European quality standards.

Is the property insured against possible damage (fire, hurricanes, property damage, etc.)?

It is of utmost importance to us that your property is insured against any eventuality. Our property management works with the most reputable local insurance companies.

When will my house be ready for occupancy?

The construction completion and ready for occupancy with all interiors is planned 12 months after the start of construction. Since we only build plots on the canal, a so-called "seawall" must be put in place before construction begins, if it is not already in place. This usually takes about 6 months.


How do I plan a trip? What are the booking rules?

You can easily and conveniently manage your stay through our booking system.

Furthermore, there will be a kind of "free marketplace". Here the co-owners as well as members of the community can exchange and manage their co-ownership shares as well as usage times among each other. So you always have the possibility to be on-site at the desired time.


Is there a community / member codex that all owners must adhere to?

We believe that all co-owners treat their homes with due care. Nevertheless, there is a code of conduct that all owners and community members should follow.

What benefit do I get from the on-site community?

"Everything can - nothing must" is the motto of the community. You always have German-speaking contact persons on site. There are also other community members on site with whom you can undertake joint activities. Thereby friendships, business relations and you can even build up your own business activities on site. DARIA US and the community will support you in this.

What does DARIA's 24/7 concierge service include?

Our event agency fulfills almost all your wishes and makes your stay unforgettable. No matter what wish you have - you can reach the concierge service directly via the community app or by phone around the clock.


Can I also finance the purchase of the share?

This has to be checked individually - Daria US has direct, local contacts to banks and is happy to establish the contact.

How and where do I pay tax on my rental income and/or proceeds from a sale?

Each co-owner will receive his or her individual income statement from the U.S. tax advisor as well as the U.S. tax return to be filed (so-called Form 1040-NR). These returns are to be reconciled with your local tax advisor in your respective state of residence. When designing the legal structure, we have explicitly worked out the avoidance of double taxation - our advisors will be happy to explain this to you in a personal meeting.

What return can I expect on my investment?

As in any real estate market, local land and property prices vary and are always dependent on market developments. In the medium term, due to the excellent macro- and micro-economic conditions, steady price increases have been achieved in this region in the past. Rental yields of comparable villas have been 8-12% per year in the past. Of course, past values are no guarantee for future development.

Do I need a bank account in the USA?

Our legal structure provides for the purchase of your co-ownership shares via your independent US company (so-called single-member LLC), for which a bank account is maintained at our partner banks. The set-up of this company as well as the bank accounts will be handled by a local, German-speaking lawyer as your personal trustee. If you also want to keep a private account, this can also be set up at one of our partner banks.

Can I sell my share at any time? How does that work exactly?

In general, you can sell your co-ownership share at any time. However, since our project was not created for short-term speculative transactions, we have fixed a discount on the sales price of 20% for the first 5 years in the partnership agreements. Pre-emption rights exist for the other co-owners of your villa, members from the community as well as for DARIA US. If the right of first refusal of the mentioned parties is not exercised, the villa can be sold to any potential external new buyer.

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