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Marius Robert Lesan from Schwäbisch-Gmünd
Julian and Bettina Kunze from Koblenz
Helgard and Olaf Weidner from Dortmund
{This trip to the States is my second trip to the USA. Back in 1991, I went to the west coast. Then, as now, I was and still am overwhelmed by the beauty of the country and the friendliness of the people. What makes Florida and especially Cape Coral so special for me today is the fact that DARIA has created something here that somehow connects me with the country more deeply than a simple vacation could. When I saw "my house" growing there, I created a bond with Cape Coral that will hopefully lead me here more often in the future. I am looking forward to seeing how the DARIA project will grow and hope that many others will take the step to invest here. I hope you can use my thoughts to motivate others. LG from Cape Coral
Testimonial Frank Bollow
Frank Bollow from Rüting
{It is now exactly one week since we had our last banking day and boarded the plane home. Time for a little review and a few words. Our week in Florida was exciting, full of business, promising, thrilling and relaxing. So many words and yet none of them best describes our week in the sunshine state! What impressed us most in Cape Coral? Clearly, the moment in front of Sir Henry III, entering the entrance hall and the almost palpable pool feeling by the canal. What left a lasting impression? For us, it was definitely Patrick with his clear visions and this overwhelming knowledge with so much empathy and warmth. Amazing! Not forgetting, of course, swimming in the Atlantic, the boat trip with dolphin sightings, the owls and turtles in their natural habitat and the swimming alligators in the Everglades. It was only a week, but the impressions never seem to end. We would like to thank the whole Daria team for their great work on site and in the background. Every bank day was only possible so smoothly thanks to the excellent preparations. We hope that our sometimes rather grumpy German people will enjoy the friendly and courteous atmosphere of the Floridians and look forward to everything that is yet to come 🤩
Testimonial Pauline Lehner
Pauline Lehner and family from Northern Germany
{We arrived back in Germany feeling very relaxed. Florida was amazing 🤩 It was very warm and humid, but we still had a wonderful time. We saw a lot and were overwhelmed by the many impressions. The bank appointments were very organized and everyone was super friendly. Thank you to everyone involved for this trip and this great project. We are delighted to be a part of it all. Kind regards Jenny and Boris
Testimonial Jenny and Boris Hagemeister
Jenny and Boris Hagemeister from Hamburg
{"What appeals to me about Florida is the open mindset, the opportunity-oriented thinking and the freedom-loving awareness of the people. Coupled with the sun, beach and nature, you experience an incredible quality of life here. I am also very pleased that we have created a community here where you can exchange ideas with like-minded people.
Testimonial Timur Löser
Timur Löser from Bavaria
{Thank you very much for the great organization of my Florida trip. I felt well looked after right from the start and you responded to my "special requests" and did a great job despite the short time! Now it's on to Atlanta 🙂 # Aim for the moon 🌕 your André
Testimonial Andre Bretzke
André Bretzke from Ludwigsfelde
{The house is already gorgeous 🙂. What will it look like when it's finished with the garden etc.? 🤩 The view of the sunset from the future barbecue over the infinity pool and the canal will also be fantastic 💪🏼. We are really looking forward to our first stay 🤗 Thanks to the DARIA team
Testimonial Michael Heuer
Michael Heuer and family from Soltau
{When we came out of the airport in the evening, my first impression was warm, just warm 😅 It's like being on vacation, well, I'm on vacation too. No skyscrapers, palm trees and lots of water all around, just what I love. Relaxed people, beautiful residential areas with a great view of the many canals and then sitting in front of them myself with Pool👌🏻Vögel chirping It's really beautiful here. I don't even know how best to describe it, maybe like this: I arrived and it immediately felt like a vacation 😅 And even if I repeat myself: soooo much water here, it's really great, I love it 🤗
Testimonial Beatrice Lehner
Beatrice Lehner from Plate
{Gabriel and Andreas inspired us to get involved in the Daria project in order to achieve financial freedom. From the very first conversation, we were able to identify very well with the idea of investing in the Daria project in Cape Coral, Florida. Their enthusiasm and knowledge of the opportunities offered by this project convinced us. The Daria project promises not only a high quality of life and sustainable living solutions, but also lucrative returns and long-term stability. The strategic location in Cape Coral, the modern and environmentally friendly architecture and the promotion of a strong community make this project a unique investment opportunity. We are convinced that our involvement in the Daria project will not only bring us financial freedom, but will also make a positive contribution to the further development of the city.
Testimonial Karina and Rene Mrosek
Karina and Rene Mrosek from Mecklenburg
{We were in Florida for the first time in January 2022. We felt very much at home in Cape Coral right from the start. Investing here was one of the best decisions of our lives. We are happy to be part of the community and look forward to spending time together in Cape Coral. It's a real win-win scenario for all of us.
Testimonial Regina and Helmut Lauring
Regina and Helmut | Austria

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