Deepen your network and take advantage of fantastic opportunities

An environment of doers

Imagine surrounding yourself with entrepreneurs who share the same values. You surround yourself with great people who love freedom and want to shape the world with their business.
As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to have an environment with people who have big goals and inspire you to do better.

You'll find this group of forward thinkers in our entrepreneur community. Here you can exchange ideas, deepen your know-how and make new business contacts.
Best of all, it's all happening not just anywhere, but in gorgeous Florida, where liberalism, freedom and beautiful nature meet.

An environment of doers
We help your company

We help your company
on its feet

Our community of co-owners is growing. This means that the need for various services is also increasing. We will support you if you want to start a business in Cape Coral that serves these needs.

Through our experience as long-time entrepreneurs and our large network of experts and professionals, we will support you specifically on your path to success.
Daria is here for you. We will help you to master the next challenge. We regularly review your business strategy with you and move you and the community forward.


What makes our entrepreneurial community so attractive

Successful network

You are part of a large network of successful entrepreneurs.

New business relationships, friendships and projects can arise from the network

Daria is your contact person when it comes to entrepreneurial and structural questions regarding the setting of your companies.

We support you in establishing a company here in Florida, which primarily meets the needs of our co-owners.


Crucible for your entrepreneurial spirit

At Daria, we follow a code of values. Honesty, trust, and sincere cooperation are the foundation.
People with a true entrepreneurial spirit can realize their potential here in Florida. Americans like things to be done. They'll appreciate you for it.

The community
is at your side

If you start a company with our help through know-how and financing, you have the community on your side.

We give the Social Club a 50 percent stake in the company and guarantee the community the majority of voting rights. In this way, we can ensure that a company also protects the interests of the community in the long term. As the managing director, you are free to act, make decisions and make full use of your creative freedom. However, the well-being of all those involved must not fall by the wayside as a result of growth and expansion.

Community on your side
Cosmos Florida

Across the Atlantic and back

The contacts you make in Cape Coral will also benefit you in your home country.

We know from experience that immersing yourself in the Florida cosmos benefits you on many levels. With people with whom you share the same values, it is so much easier to do business and tackle projects together. Your investment in a villa in Cape Coral will also strengthen your business in Germany in the long run.

A network, that strengthens

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