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Everything can, nothing must - that's the motto of the Daria Social Club. All co-owners are connected via an app. You can exchange ideas with others, find out who is currently on site in Cape Coral.

Club members suggest attending a joint event or inviting you to a barbecue at the villa. Common actions like a golf tournament or a Daria workshop on a certain topic are communicated to all members. So you are always up to date and can get tips for your stay in Florida via the community.

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Social Club - Sharing is wealth

Sharing is true wealth

In Florida, you'll never feel alone. With our social club members, you'll share similar values and interests. Shared friendships arise through shared experiences, Business relationships or simply Wonderful memories.

Back in Germany, you can maintain your new network and continue to benefit from it. Invest in a villa. You will not only experience a new level of living comfort. You will gain a new world of contacts and experiences.

Social Club

What you can expect in the Daria Social Club

Daria Social Club

You can easily get in touch with all co-owners and the Daria US Group company through an app.

Members can organize outings, events or celebrations without much effort and communicate to everyone.

We regularly organize events on various topics that will help you personally.

As a social club, we launch campaigns to raise funds for social projects in the area, for example.

Club members

Service in the sense of the community

We support club members who want to cover a need of the community and beyond with a company. To ensure that the company always acts in the interest of the community, we as a social club participate in the companies.

The world around us

We allow part of the profits from our joint ventures to benefit socially disadvantaged people. For example, we build housing for our employees who take care of the gardens and household chores.

The aim is to strengthen our environment through our commitment and to provide positive impetus beyond the boundaries of the community.

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Cape Coral - our home

Cape Coral is quickly
become your home

From the first day on you will feel at home in Cape Coral. You will have German contacts and with the help of our large community you will quickly feel at home here. You will open up a new world and get to know the advantages of Florida through a different lens. And probably more often together than alone.

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