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Stay connected and active with the Daria Social Club, where our motto is “Everything can, nothing must”.

All co-owners can interact through an exclusive app, sharing ideas, attending events, or simply enjoying a barbecue together. Regular updates ensure you're always in the loop with community activities and local tips

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Social Club - Sharing is wealth

Sharing is True Wealth

In Florida, the Daria Social Club ensures you're never alone. Forge friendships, business relationships, and unforgettable memories.

Back in Germany, these connections continue to enrich your life, providing a network that extends beyond just living arrangements

Social Club

What To Expect as a Member of the Daria Social Club

Daria Social Club

Easy Connections: Our app facilitates seamless communication with all co-owners and Daria US, making it simple to stay connected.

Effortless Organization: Members can easily plan and announce outings, events, or celebrations, ensuring everyone is informed.

Engaging Events: We regularly host events on a variety of topics that are designed to enrich your personal experience.

Community Impact: Our club initiates fundraising campaigns for local social projects, demonstrating our commitment to the community.

A Service-Minded Community

Supporting Club Members

We support entrepreneurial club members who aim to meet community needs. Our involvement ensures these enterprises act in the community's best interest.

Building a Better World

Profits from joint ventures help support social initiatives, like providing housing for our staff.

Our goal is to positively impact our surroundings and extend our reach beyond our community.

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Cape Coral - our home

Quickly Feel at Home
in Cape Coral

From day one, you'll feel at home in Cape Coral with German contacts and a welcoming community. Discover Florida through new eyes and enjoy the company of others with our comprehensive app that combines organization, events, community, and service.

One App,
that Combines it All





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