Villa Sir Henry

Experience Exclusivity with Luxury Interiors

With just 25,000 dollars, you can become
a co-owner of this dream property
in Cape Coral, Florida.


FROM $25,000


Days of stay per share and year

8 - 12 %

per year

max. 35


Authentic Enjoyment

Our Sir Henry villas embody understated luxury and elegance. With 2,045.14 sq ft of airy living space, these homes are designed to bring joy and light to your life.

Available directly on the water or without canal access, Sir Henry includes three bedrooms, two spacious guest suites, a master bedroom with a walk-in closet, an outdoor kitchen, and an attractive outdoor pool.

Sir Henry provides everything you need for a contemporary luxury lifestyle. Once you experience it, you'll never want to live without it.


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Villa Sir Henry

Magnificent Property:
Stylish Villas for High Quality Living

Premium German Quality

Sir Henry is built to last, with every detail reflecting quality and durability. We use first-class materials to ensure sustainable, value-enhancing living.

Covered Pool Terrace

Enjoy the 26-foot-long infinity pool on your covered pool terrace. It's the perfect spot for sunny days and relaxing evenings, adding an exclusive touch to your lifestyle.

Exquisite Open Kitchen

Our open kitchens combine luxurious finishes, custom details, and state-of-the-art appliances for a perfect blend of function and style.


In Sir Henry, we use only the finest materials in our interior design, including natural stone, stainless steel, natural wood, glass, and ceramics.

This upscale interior creates an exclusive and luxurious atmosphere of exclusivity.

We create a lifestyle for you that delivers maximum comfort and unmatched authenticity.

Simple and Secure Co-Ownership

Our Co-ownership model is straightforward, requiring just two digital signatures. Our process cuts through bureaucracy, granting you ownership and legal security. You'll have the flexibility to rent out your share of the villa or use it yourself—a truly unique arrangement.

Villa Sir Henry

2045.14 sq ft of living space including 1 master-bedroom and 2 guest suites

+ 1 spacious, dreamlike master bedroom with an exclusive dressing room and bathroom
+ 2 bedrooms (Guest Suites)
+ 1 stylish open kitchen
+ 1 spacious open-plan living room
+ Pool and spacious outdoor area
+ Fully equipped and furnished in an upscale luxury interior

Floorplan - Villa Sir Henry - on water


Floorplan - Villa Sir Henry - off water


Timeless Beauty

Sir Henry is designed to maximize well-being through its generous layout and high-quality finishes, enhancing the villa’s serene and joyful atmosphere.

Impressive Surroundings

Quality and Elegance–Without Compromise

Over 2045 sq ft of elegance in spacious rooms with high ceilings convey freedom and unlimited possibilities. Sir Henry epitomizes the cool, light spirit of Florida, fitting seamlessly into this vibrant lifestyle.

Daria US Services

Arrive and Enjoy Immediately

Everything is set up for you and your family to unwind the moment you step through the door. Forget about lawn mowing, pool cleaning, or appliance checks. Our unique service ensures that you can maximize your valuable time.

Property Management

We handle value-oriented property maintenance.

Professional Services

We provide professional assistance with tax and legal matters.

Simple Scheduling

We offer easy scheduling of your stays with our booking tool.

Travel Coordination

We take care of travel arrangements and shopping for your visit.


FROM $25,000


Days of stay per share and year

8 - 12 %

per year

max. 35


The Daria US Advantage

Construction Expertise

Combining German precision with the American lifestyle, we specialize in first-class construction projects in Cape Coral, featuring German craftsmanship and spacious designs.

Urban Development

Shaping the future of Florida, we're developing an exclusive urban district in northern Cape Coral with a self-contained infrastructure designed for discerning residents.

Residential Mastery

Experience sophisticated living with our spacious design concepts and high-quality materials, creating a cozy, authentic atmosphere for ultimate comfort.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Join our dynamic German-American network and become a visionary shaping the future. With our support, your dreams can be realized.

Carefree Service

We manage all aspects of your investment in the USA, from financing requests to work permits.

Social Club

As a co-owner, you gain membership to our exclusive social club. Enjoy meetings, celebrations, and special events enhanced by your involvement.

"We were in Florida for the first time in January 2022. We felt very comfortable in Cape Coral right from the start. Investing here was one of the best decisions of our lives. We are happy to be part of the community and look forward to spending time together in Cape Coral.
A real win-win scenario for all of us."
Regina & Helmut Lauring

"What appeals to me about Florida is the open mindset, the opportunity-oriented thinking and the freedom-loving awareness of the people. Coupled with the sun, beach and nature, you experience an incredible quality of life here. I am also very pleased that we have created a community here where you can exchange ideas with like-minded people."
Timur Löser

"We are delighted with this fantastic project and are looking forward to flying to Florida at the end of this year. The euphoria that has been transmitted to us by the positive and competent people will certainly increase on site. It just feels good to be part of the project and we are already looking forward to meeting all the lovely people there."
The Müller family

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