Act for the good
of everyone involved

Freedom that
everyone is entitled to

We stand for the values of freedom and development.
We want to help people enjoy a life of abundance and prosperity.

To do this, we don't need any regulations and rules imposed on us by the state. Instead, we shape our own future.

We want to share this future with many like-minded people who want to live our values and support each other. In a country that once belonged to the Indians, we are guided by their sense of community. We strive to establish the attitude to benefit all stakeholders in this inspiring place.

Entrepreneur Code

In Cape Coral, we are building our own neighborhood for freedom-loving and active people. We are encouraging women and men to start their own businesses and provide a service to the community.

With a viable concept, we support with our expert know-how, so that a fluctuating business can develop.


These are the goals we want to achieve

Over the next ten years, up to 1,000 villas will be built for co-owners of the community in Cape Coral.

Together with our members, we built companies that benefit the community while providing added value to the surrounding area.

With our years of expertise and contacts, we help our members achieve greater financial independence.

A portion of our profits and charitable activities are intended to benefit people who need support in the immediate area.

Small shares so
that everyone benefits

Our vision of a large community that supports itself should not only be reserved for people who are already financially free. Compared to other co-ownership models, interested parties with smaller budgets can also join us. This is an important concern for us.

Vision-small shares
Vision-everyone is involved

Honest values

In order to fill such a project with life, we need community members who meet certain criteria. The most important thing: approach the matter with a pure heart. The values that distinguish us and our members are honesty, growth and supportive cooperation. Only with this attitude can we build a solid and active community in the long term.

Everyone is involved

Anyone who wants to start a company for the community with our help should offer a product or service that people really need. For all companies that emerge from the community, we want the members to have a 50 percent stake. This is how we ensure that such a business, such as a local bakery, develops for the benefit of the community.

Vision-everyone is involved

Our vision at a glance

Living space

Designing your own living space with like-minded people.


Creating businesses from the community for the community.


We want to build up to 1,000 villas for co-owners in the next 10 years.


We support our members to achieve financial freedom.


In addition to supporting the community, we also support our environment to continue to grow.


Everyone with the heart in the right place should be able to join the project.

Dreams come easy





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