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Living and renting

As a co-owner of a villa in Cape Coral you have a huge advantage. You can live in the villa or rent out during your time interval.

In most Co-Owner models this is not possible. To make this work, you need a profound knowledge of the jurisdiction and ownership structures in the respective country.

We have this know-how and pass it on to you. Thus we enable our clients the maximum flexibility for their dream villa in Cape Coral.

Wishlessly served

We organize your trip for you, so you can concentrate on the essentials.

Save yourself the emailing and you don't have to pick up the phone.

You simply control your needs via our app!

We will pick you up from the airport. We fill your fridge and put your rental car in the garage.

Your desired boat tour is organized and the table in your favorite restaurant is already reserved. Enjoy your life in Cape Coral. We take care of the rest.

Your advantages with Daria US

Construction specialist

German precision meets US lifestyle: With a focus on Cape Coral, we offer first-class construction projects that combine German craftsmanship with generous design.

Urban development

Shaping Florida's Future: In northern Cape Coral we are developing an exclusive urban district with self-contained infrastructure for discerning residents.

Residential Master

Sophisticated interior: A generous spatial concept and high-quality materials create a cozy and authentic atmosphere for maximum living comfort.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Dive into our dynamic German-American network and shape the future as a visionary. With support, ideas can be implemented quickly.

Carefree service

We take care of all matters concerning your second leg in the USA. From the request for financing to the work permit.

Social Club

As a co-owner, you are part of our exclusive social club. Meetings, celebrations and special events will be enriched by your presence.

Daria Service

All-rounder for your questions

Daria is a group of companies with many activities. As a co-owner, you benefit from our large network.



Whether it's a work permit, extending your stay or a tax saving scheme, we at Daria have the expertise to support you.


  • Find out about updates quickly and act at any time.
  • If a member spontaneously organizes a party or wants to attend a sporting event, you will be notified in good time on your cell phone.
  • You can book your villa stay with just a few clicks on your cell phone.
  • You can book your concierge service via our app.
  • You can stay connected with other members of the Social Club and the entrepreneur community via a chat function.

All communications combined in one place





Freedom through structure

You can reduce your tax costs and increase your financial success by choosing a smart business structure and developing a well-thought-out tax planning. This is important for your long-term growth.

We will support you. You will find a way that offers you more financial freedom. This newfound independence will give rise to true creativity. And time to implement your own passion projects. We as a community celebrate this and benefit as a whole from the growth of the individual.

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