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Out of the comfort zone - how does courage broaden your horizons?

24 May 2024 | Mindset & growth

Courage is overcoming fears through action. Find out in this article how you can become more courageous and what different types of courage there are.

Courage is often defined as the ability to act despite fear, pain or uncertainty.

But what exactly makes a courageous person?

It's not just the ability to stand firm in tricky situations, but also the willingness to challenge yourself and break new ground. In this article, we explore the different facets of courage and how we can all learn to apply it in our daily lives.


The different types of courage

Courage comes in many forms. Emotional courage, for example, means facing your feelings, even if they are uncomfortable. Moral courage requires doing the right thing, even if it is not the popular choice. Physical courage is often associated with acts of heroism, such as rescuing people from dangerous situations. Social courage, on the other hand, involves standing your ground in social contexts, which is particularly relevant in times of social media and peer pressure.


Stories of courage

History is full of courageous individuals. Take Nelson Mandela, whose steadfast moral courage and commitment against apartheid cost him years of his life in prison.

Even if we look to Florida and consider the history of the Seminole Indians, their actions can only be described as courageous. These men and women resisted enslavement in the British colonies and fled. Their story is a lesson in perseverance and courage, as Frank Rahlf, co-founder and managing member of Daria US Development LLC, writes in his blog article. You can find the article on the spiritual legacy of these courageous people, which is well worth reading, here: https://daria-us.com/spirituelles-erbe-und-luxus-in-einer-kaufentscheidung

Even today, there are still many unknown heroes who put their courage to the test during global crises, in exceptional situations or in everyday life. True courage shows itself in the moment when it is needed. Do I dare to look, am I prepared to take the next step, do I say what I think or do I ignore everything and withdraw? We have all had situations in our lives where we were brave. And we all know situations in which fear has dominated us and we have not done what would have been courageous.

The greatest encouragers are stories. They remind us that each of us has the potential to be courageous. There is a saying that I read in a newspaper years ago. There is a lot of truth in this saying. I can no longer recall the exact wording, but that was the core idea:

leave the beaten track

Two things in life are contagious: courage and fear.

Would you describe yourself as a courageous person or rather as fearful? When you think about this question, take a look at the people around you. Are the people you spend a lot of time with courageous?

Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are, as the saying goes. This phrase illustrates how important it is to spend your time with people who inspire you to do better.

Doers and implementers who leave the beaten track for their own dream are equipped with a great deal of courage. You can be sure of that.

Conversely, of course, this does not mean that you should replace your family just because your closest family members focus on safety. You can also create a supportive environment by strengthening your mindset, for example by watching videos on YouTube of people who have done something really courageous from your perspective. This fills your heart with longing instead of the boredom that comes automatically when you don't take any steps in life that make your heart beat faster.

Don't forget: courage is not an innate talent, but a skill that you can strengthen. How can you do this? By taking on small challenges again and again. Courage means having the will to tread unknown paths. You don't have a preconceived GPS, just a goal in mind. Courage means believing in yourself. It is the confidence that you have the ability to fulfill your wishes.

There is nothing more inspiring than people who show you what it is like to live courageously. Courage is contagious. It spreads. Courage pushes boundaries that suddenly disappear. This is especially true for people who want to tackle a new topic or achieve a sporting feat.


People who learn to manage their fears in a healthy way are often the ones who can show courage in critical moments. So prepare for these moments now, like a boxer prepares for his next fight. Only you don't need well-trained upper arms, but decisions that challenge you.

Courage in the modern world

In today's fast-paced world, courage is essential. From the decisions we make in our professional lives, where we may be faced with the choice of taking an uncertain new career direction, to everyday decisions that affect our ethical beliefs. Courage in the modern world often means swimming against the tide and choosing what is right for the long term rather than what promises instant gratification.

It also takes courage in financial matters. The investors in our DARIA villas are also courageous. They are also clever, of course, because the opportunities and long-term return prospects are incredibly attractive. But if you tell friends and family about our project, there will certainly be people who will advise you against it.

 Our project has too many features for this, which most people have never dealt with or only form an opinion based on preconceptions. These characteristics are

  •  Investing abroad - "Oh, that's a long way away ..."
  •  Founding an American LLC - "How is that supposed to work?"
  •  Co-ownership model - "I don't know ..."
  •  Building a community - "What is the added value of this? ..."

These points are understandably unfamiliar to many people at first. And what you don't know scares you. Others, on the other hand, love new opportunities and are immediately excited because they immediately recognize the potential in our business model, which can also be described as a life model.


Anyone making an investment decision needs facts. You need to know the framework conditions, understand the risks and understand the business model. This is the homework that everyone has to do. But at the very end, when it comes to saying yes or no, courage comes into play again. Am I ready for a new approach that will certainly deliver a different result to everything I already know? Or will I rely on tried and tested methods that have been around for a long time but are neither risky nor lucrative?

Practical tips for being braver


Everyone can learn to be braver. A good start is to take small but meaningful steps. Face small fears regularly and expand your comfort zone. Surround yourself with people who encourage and support you. Read and learn from those who have successfully overcome challenges. And perhaps most importantly, allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them.


Courage is not the absence of fear, but the behavior that can be learned to act despite these fears. Courage is not a feeling, but a behavior and means determination. I do it, even though my feelings would often prefer to keep me in my familiar comfort zone. But there is no growth, no change for the better, if we only do things that we always do.

Hopefully this article has inspired you to be braver. More courage means more excitement in life. We can only grow through our challenges.

You can't win anything in this life with theoretical solutions to problems. Diamonds are created under pressure, so even a courageous decision will make you shine in the end.

Use the impulse now and take bold action. Maybe finally deal with the paperwork that has been gathering dust in the corner for a while. Or write your girlfriend an email and tell her honestly how you're actually feeling. Whatever. When you are confronted with the topic of courage, you may already have an idea in your head of what you should do now. Courage starts with one step and you can take that step today.

Jutta Burmeister

Jutta Burmeister
Jutta has been an entrepreneur for more than 34 years. Today, she is a passionate business mentor, author and integral life coach.

Great ideas need holistic thinking. Thinking factually, analytically and organizationally and at the same time including the important human side are Jutta's key factors for success. She is moved when she can contribute to changing society, the business world and human interaction.

She is convinced that the key to a fulfilled, happy and successful life lies in people themselves, if they courageously go for what is important to them and connect with the right people. Together, everything can be realized.

Jutta supports the Daria project and the vision behind it, so that people can live their dreams and achieve their life goals more quickly and easily.


  1. Compliments Jutta. An excellent article that appeals and encourages. Thank you.

    • Dear Carmen, I'm delighted. Thank you. How wonderful it would be if everyone could go through life with courage and stand up for their values, needs and dreams and take the decisive steps with courage. We are so happy to accompany people on their journey to get out of their small mindset and venture out of their comfort zone to shape their lives according to their wishes.


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