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Thanksgiving vibes - why we love them

Nov 25, 2023 | People & Culture, Team Spirit

Why we celebrate Thanksgiving

Americans celebrated Thanksgiving in the third week of November. We also celebrated the day at Daria's. We feel deeply connected to the occasion.

On Thanksgiving, Americans visit their families and spend the day with their parents, siblings and friends - in other words, with people who are important to them.

Myth & Traditions

There are several myths about the origin of Thanksgiving. The fact is: In the fall of 1621, the Wampanoag Indians celebrated Thanksgiving together with English settlers. It lasted three days. It was the settlers who expressed their gratitude, as the Native Americans had helped them to survive in America.

Thanksgiving is the second most important holiday in the USA. Many people use the holiday to celebrate and enjoy an extended weekend. However, Americans have never lost sight of the reason for the celebration. The vibe of gratitude is omnipresent on this day in Florida.

We at Daria have also adopted the American traditions of Thanksgiving and paused for a moment. For us, it is an incredibly valuable privilege to actually make our real estate project a reality - and to do so with the team that we are.

Gratitude - a life-changing force

Gratitude is an important feeling. In this state, you feel connected and strengthened because you know that you are in the right place and have many opportunities to realize yourself.

Gratitude is more than a benevolent emotion; it is a life-changing force that inspires us to recognize and appreciate the good in life.

In the stress of everyday life, we often overlook the small wonders of life. But gratitude teaches us to focus our attention on the positive. It's as if you activate a filter for the good and suddenly notice the beauty around you. Whether it's small gestures, loving relationships or personal successes: Gratitude helps you discover the magic in everyday moments.

Studies have shown that people who are regularly grateful have a higher level of emotional well-being. By consciously counting our positive experiences and appreciating what we have, we open the door to happiness. Gratitude allows us to see life's challenges in a different light and reminds us that we should seize the opportunities that life offers us.

However, this topic is not just about the personal perspective. Gratitude also has an impact on our relationships. By expressing our gratitude and appreciating what others do for us, we strengthen bonds and create an atmosphere of appreciation.

Anything is possible if you have vision

Practicing gratitude is not a boring task, but a life-changing attitude. At Daria, we appreciate the beauty of the little things and integrate them into our big vision. Our attitude is reflected in the way we treat our business partners and employees. But also in the attention to detail that is expressed in our unique villas. We have the right mindset for our real estate project in Cape Coral. And that's exactly why the right people - like you - find their way to us, to create a value-based and exciting life together in gratitude.


Many of our friends and partners also celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe to get together with loved ones and celebrate life's precious encounters and moments. 

Do you also celebrate Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments what Thanksgiving means to you.

This year we celebrated with wonderful people in Florida. Maybe we'll see each other next year and celebrate together.

What do you think? We look forward to hearing from you.

Jutta Burmeister

Jutta Burmeister
Jutta has been an entrepreneur for more than 34 years. Today, she is a passionate business mentor, author and integral life coach.

Great ideas need holistic thinking. Thinking factually, analytically and organizationally and at the same time including the important human side are Jutta's key factors for success. She is moved when she can contribute to changing society, the business world and human interaction.

She is convinced that the key to a fulfilled, happy and successful life lies in people themselves, if they courageously go for what is important to them and connect with the right people. Together, everything can be realized.

Jutta supports the Daria project and the vision behind it, so that people can live their dreams and achieve their life goals more quickly and easily.


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