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How it all began…

Sep 1, 2023 | Company & Vision

Some encounters change lives. This was also the case for the initiators Frank and Patrick. From then on, everything happened quickly.

A shared vision brings people together. Frank and Patrick know that, too. The two are managing directors of the Daria US Group. They met in 2021 through a mutual acquaintance. Today, they are close friends and build luxury villas in Cape Coral.

Their love for Florida was their first point of connection. The entry point to learn more about each other.

Frank has known Florida for more than 30 years. He got off the plane in Miami for the first time in the early 1990s. His company had bought a house on the East Coast. There, he regularly celebrated the successes of his best salespeople. Tennis icons Steffi Graf and Martina Navratilova lived in his neighborhood. However, he never met the two in the numerous clubs and bars on the East Coast.

Expert on the history of America

Frank's interest in the United States began early. As a five-year-old, he discovered Native Americans in books. As a 17-year-old, he even wrote a book about the history of North American Indians. "There are probably only a handful of experts in Germany who know more about the Indians than I do." To this day, the subject fascinates him. He regularly visits Indian reservations and supports them financially. Native American philosophy also plays a central role in Daria's vision.

Patrick went to Florida for a few weeks in 2013 for a job. As a private equity manager for a family office, he took a close look at real estate projects. He was immediately taken with the climate and lifestyle. "That was an absolutely key experience. Florida to me is the well-structured and organized Caribbean." The liberal basic attitude of the people also excited him. Patrick was clear from that moment on: “someday I'll be back, maybe for good.”

Entrepreneurs who want to implement

So, Frank and Patrick already had a lot in common when they first met. But there was more. As entrepreneurs, both are interested in making a difference. Frank had an idea that he had been carrying around for a long time. Now it was time to make it a reality, and as it quickly turned out, Patrick was the right partner to finally make that vision a reality.

Today Daria offers freedom-loving people the opportunity to lead an independent life, with many like-minded people in a liberal and legally secure place. Through the exchange of all co-owners, a value-based community develops. A community from which companies emerge that always keep the well-being of all participants and customers in mind. Frank and Patrick's top credo is: Nothing must, everything can.

Spirit for vibrant growth

"I am responsible for the strategy and the concept. Patrick transforms our ideas into legally compliant contracts and companies. This puts our community members in an excellent position in terms of tax and property rights," says Frank.

Over the next ten years, up to 1,000 villas are to be built in northeast Cape Coral. People who want to design are very welcome at this Daria real estate project. Under the warming Florida sun, wonderful experiences and business models can be created in this open and fun-loving spirit. The way is paved for this.

You can read about the vision that has emerged HERE.


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