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Emigrating to the USA: First-hand experiences

Nov 4, 2023 | Family Spirit

"The quality of life is fantastic"

Patrick Lauber, founder and Managing Member of the Daria US Group, has taken the plunge with his family and moved to Cape Coral, Florida. The Sunshine State is now their new home.

In the interview, Patrick explains what led to the decision, how stressful the relocation planning was and what he is looking forward to most in his new life.

Patrick, you've made it. Cape Coral has been your new home since November 1st. What made you decide to emigrate to Florida now?

We love it here! My wife, our children and I feel very much at home here. We have spent a lot of time in Cape Coral over the past few years due to the establishment of Daria. Each time, we were thrilled by the lifestyle and the great opportunities here. It was obvious for us to take the next step now.

On a professional level, I want to continue to drive our vision forward as part of the Daria management team. We still have a lot to do and we can achieve it better if we are in Cape Coral all year round. That way we can coordinate better with the authorities as well as with our employees and service providers.

What steps were necessary to prepare for your emigration?

There was a lot to organize and we left nothing to chance. At Daria, I take care of the contracts, rights and obligations for our German clients who want to live and invest in Florida. This knowledge naturally helped us to quickly initiate all the necessary steps for the emigration. When moving across the Atlantic, the immigration requirements and visa regulations are the most important points that need to be dealt with first.

Were there any particular challenges that you had to overcome during the move?

In addition to the children and our professional lives, organizing all of this was indeed challenging. Moving within Germany alone would have been very stressful. Emigrating is yet another level.

In the end, we managed it well. We always knew why we wanted it so badly. This attitude helped us through stressful phases.


Will you settle in quickly in Cape Coral or will you miss your old home a little?

Apart from our friends and family, I don't think we'll miss anything for the time being. The friendly people, the great weather and the open atmosphere immediately make us feel at home here. We know our way around here and are particularly excited to see how quickly the children find their way around and learn the language. There are so many committed people in Daria's team that it is a pleasure to work together to advance our vision here on site. 

What tips would you give other people looking to emigrate?

Get in touch with Daria. We specialize in helping people who want to establish a second home in Florida or even live their entire lives here. With our know-how and experience, we make it easy for our clients to take the next step. That's why I recommend everyone not to deal with the requirements for emigration on their own, but to turn to us with confidence.

How would you describe the quality of life in Florida?

The quality of life is fantastic. The weather is great, there are countless leisure activities and the landscape is breathtaking. We have a community here that supports each other and organizes leisure activities together. That is invaluable.

Is the education system in Florida a good alternative for families who want to send their children to school here?

Cape Coral offers an excellent education system with highly qualified schools, including private institutions. There is also a wide range of leisure and sports activities for children. I believe that families are in very good hands here in Florida. We are definitely looking forward to seeing more families from Germany living here.

Finally, can you tell us what you are most looking forward to in your new phase of life?

One thing is clear: taking our vision of Daria to the next level. We have big goals. Over the next ten years, we want to build 1,000 villas with many like-minded people who can lead a great life here. I am most pleased that we can now drive this forward without interruption directly in Cape Coral. I'm also looking forward to spending the winter with my family outdoors in nature, on the beach or on the boat - without a winter jacket and scarf.

The questions were asked by Rouven Zietz

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Rouven Zietz
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