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Deep roots for real growth

6 Jan 2024 | Events & Review

Big dreams need a strong foundation - a look back at 2023 

The past year at DARIA was full of successes and significant progress. Seawalls, building permits, financial freedom - an eventful look back at 2023 and looking forward to our groundbreaking projects in 2024. 


What we learn from bamboo

Bamboo is a phenomenon. If you plant a sprout, nothing seems to happen at first. But it works hard underground, developing its roots. A process that takes up to five years for some species. Once the root system has developed, the plant shoots upwards. Some species grow up to 70 cm per day and reach a height of 7 meters.


The foundation has been laid

We like this picture. It shows how important a stable foundation is. It is the basis for sustainable growth.

In 2023, we at DARIA were like the bamboo. A lot was still happening unseen. We strengthened our structures, gained important partners and strategically prepared for the construction of our villas. And we developed a great team.

Over the past few months, we have reached some important milestones and we'll take you behind the scenes, because even though the new year is already a week old, it's worth taking a look back because that's where the important seeds were sown:


The Seawall is at the start of the construction project

No start of construction without Seawall. Understandable! We are building on the water and need to protect our properties.

At the beginning of last year, it was still normal for us to wait six months for the Seawalls to be delivered and pay a considerable price for them. Since December 2023, our Seawall partner company has provided us with its own team, which will be able to build the Seawall for us within two months in future. The Seawall now costs us around 20 percent less than at the beginning of the year.


The building permit

We have managed to obtain basic planning permission for our various building types. This is an important step, as this approval is required before the actual building permit for the individual house.

Approvals for a new type of house usually take many months. It was therefore crucial for us to obtain this general approval for our type of house.


The start of construction

A major milestone for us was to start building our houses in 2023. To achieve this, we had to conclude all the necessary contracts with potential and strategic partners at construction level. Of course, we succeeded in doing this. We work with very good local partners and have also built up our own complex construction management infrastructure.


The construction phase

Building our houses will be even less complicated in future. Developing a building type is one thing, the other is proving the concept in actual implementation. This transformation works without difficulty when the team works together perfectly and routines have developed. It gets easier with every new home and we can already see what has developed in such a short space of time. More details on this soon.



Our concern - your financial freedom

Our overriding goal is to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with our company becomes economically independent. Especially in today's world, economic independence is of enormous importance. In 2023, we have laid a strong foundation for this goal. Even the bamboo would be amazed. It's about our Infinity program, which enables participants to take advantage of interest-free loans. Many of our customers are already in the implementation process, but we'll write about that separately. If you haven't heard about our INFINITY program, be sure to schedule a call with our team or simply drop us a line on this email.


New Website

Another milestone this year was the launch of our website. We completely restructured it and tried to present the information in a well-founded and at the same time relaxed style for our potential customers. Again, we are lucky to have dedicated employees and a great team at our side who immediately recognized the value of our project and translated our messages into focused images, design and language.


The year 2023 has shown us what you can achieve if you implement your goals consistently and concretely. This is also perceived by those around us and changes our position.

We gain new partners almost every day who are keen to work with us, which of course makes us very happy.


We are very proud of our progress over the past year and are pleased to have created a strong foundation to drive our growth with the best possible conditions.

This means that nothing stands in the way of implementing our projects and ideas in 2024.

Now it's your turn as a potential investor. Get in touch with us for more details about your potential second foothold in Florida. 

We look forward to a successful year 2024 with you!

Best wishes from sunny Cape Coral
Frank & Patrick


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